In the State of Maryland you must take an MVA approved Driver's Education Class that includes 30 classroom hours and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. This includes anyone who has never obtained a Maryland License regardless of age. Bayside Driving School is MVA approved and offers classes in Talbot and Dorchester counties.

Once the new driver has obtained their Learner's Permit they must log at least 60 Rookie hours in their Rookie Log Book (the Log Book given to them at the MVA when they receive their Permit). Once they have logged the appropriate Rookie hours, taken Driver's Education and held their permit for at least 9 months they are then eligible to take the required Skills Test at the MVA to obtain their Provisional License. The MVA's webpage will have sample questions for the written Learner's Permit test (this test is usually labeled "Tutorial") along with the latest law changes. Bayside Driving School strongly recommends that each student utilize this website to stay current on the newest laws and tests that are being given. We cannot stress enough that the MVA's requirements are ever changing and it is up to the student to keep up with these updates.

Driver's Education Classes may be taken as early as 15 years and one day, however, Bayside Driving School cannot complete the required 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction until the student has a valid Learner's Permit. We highly recommend that students start Driver's Education Classes on or after they have already obtained their Learner's Permit. The Learner's Permit is valid for two years and the student must have it for a minimum of 9 months before they are eligible for their Provisional License.

The MVA has an online document guide to assist customers in determining what documents they need to provide when applying for any licensing issues. This simple tool will help alleviate many questions in advance, which will make it less complicated and stressful. Click on the link to access this page.


CLICK HERE for MVA Approved Driver's Education- 2024 schedule

Classroom location: 8673 Commerce Dr. #11 Easton, Md 21601 First left off of Glebe Road. Dates listed cover the classroom portion of Driver's Education. The 6 hours of driving is typically scheduled once the classroom is finished. WE RECOMMEND CHOOSING A CLASS THAT WILL ALLOW ENOUGH TIME TO SCHEDULE THE DRIVING PORTION,AT LEAST 4-5 MONTHS BEFORE YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO GET YOUR LICENSE.


CLICK HERE for MVA Approved Driver's Education- 2023 schedule