Driver's Education

Q. Do I need a permit to begin Driver's Ed?
A. No, You must be at least 15 to start Driver's Ed. We can't do the behind the wheel instruction with you until you have a valid learner's permit.
Q. If I'm over 18 do I still need to take Driver's Ed?
A. Yes, if you have never taken another program somewhere else.
Q. When can I get my Provisional license?
A. If under 18, when you have held your learner's permit for 9 months and you have fully completed Driver's Education. If 18-19 WITH A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA, when you have held your permit for 3 months and fully completed Driver's Education. If 19-25, when you have held your permit for 3 months and full completed Driver's Education. If over 25, when you have held your permit for 45 days and fully completed Driver's Education. SEE MVA'S WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS.
Q. What happens if I am not able to make a couple of classes?
A. You may make them up in another session. You must complete all 30 hours.
Q. Do I need to take Driver's Ed before I can get my permit?
A. No, but you will need Driver's Ed before you can test for your Provisional license. You must be 15 and 9 months in order to get your learner's permit.
Q. Can I take the classroom part now and do the driving after my sports season is over?
A. Yes.
Q. Does the required 6 hours of behind the wheel given in Driver's Ed go toward my Rookie hours?
A. No.
Q. I have a permit from another state, can I use it to get my Maryland Provisional license?
A. The MVA has very strict guidelines. Check the Maryland MVA website for accurate information

Driver Improvement

Q. What do I need to bring?
A. MVA referral letter Photo ID Payment-75.00 cash or money order
Q. I do not have my referral letter, can I still come to class?
A. If you are 20 or under you MUST bring the letter, if you lost it call 410-787-7817 to get a duplicate. If you are 21 or older you can come to class but you must sign a waiver assuming responsibility for completing the correct class. *******Note only those clients with MVA assignment letter or MVA directives will have their driver's license updated.
Q. Does this class remove points from my driving record?
A. No, points on your license in Maryland are active for 2 years from the date of your violation.
Q. I got a PBJ from the court, why did I get assigned to this class?
A. The court gave you a PBJ for the points and the fine, however, the MVA issued you your license and if you are on your Provisional License ANY MOVING VIOLATION REGARDLESS IF THE COURTS GAVE YOU A PBJ GETS YOU AUTOMATICALLY ASSIGNED TO DRIVER INPROVEMENT.
Q. My letter says "Assignment to Young Driver Improvement" will this class satisfy MVA?
A. NO NO NO you must take a Young Driver Improvement class- the provider list the MVA sent you has Young Driver Improvement under the name and phone number if they offer that class-we do not offer that class.