Rules, Regulations & Classroom/Driving Policies


 Bayside Driving School's goal is for each student to have an understanding of the laws, a safe attitude, and the ability to put the two together behind the wheel.


 Rules & Regulations

1. Driver's Education must be completed one (1) year from class start date. ($100 restart fee applies after) Student records are held for 3 years(COMAR

2. Students must successfully complete 30 hours of classroom instruction and pass each test with an 80% or better. Failure may require the student to repeat the classroom portion for an additional fee.

3. Students are to be in the room and seated when roll is taken. Anyone more than 15 minutes late or repeatedly late will not be allowed to stay.

4. Students may miss up to four (4) classes and must attend the session(s) that was missed at a later date. Make-up days are subject to space availability. MISSING CLASSES WILL DELAY COMPLETION. Reasonable accommodations will be made for learning disabilities if the office is made aware.

5. Students will show respect for the instructor and fellow classmates.

6. NO CELL PHONES, NO TEXTING, NO HEADPHONES, NO UNDERAGE USE OF TOBACCO OR E-CIGARETTES/JUULS. Students of any age may not use marijuana or products containing THC. Use of any will result in immediate termination of that session.



1. Students are expected to act in a mature & civil manner at all locations of instruction; including but not limited to: classroom, office, parking area of school location, and during the behind-the-wheel instruction. We cannot list all the rules of behavior, other than to say students are to act in a mature and appropriate manner. Failure to do so will result in a corrective action and may include dismissal from the program. We have sole discretion to determine what is appropriate behavior.

2. Damage to books, chairs, or other property of Bayside Driving School, Inc. is the direct responsibility of the student and/or his/her parents. Failure to pay, repair, or replace items damaged will result in dismissal with NO REFUND.


Payments & Refunds

In order to be placed on the driving schedule, full payment must be made by day five (5) of class. Payments made after day five (5) will prolong course completion. We accept cash, credit card, and checks. Payment by check will require a ten (10) day wait to finalize paperwork. Written notification of withdrawal before completion and within 1 year of original start date is required before any refund is issued. STUDENT DISMISSED FROM THE PROGRAM ARE NOT ENTITLED TO A REFUND. Refunds are prorated. Classroom: $10 / class and Behind the Wheel: $48/ hour.


Behind The Wheel Instruction

Driving is a huge responsibilty, with that comes accountability.  We do not call, text, or email reminders for driving times.

Driving times are based on permit issue dates, your availability, skill level, and questionnaire answers. We make every effort to schedule driving at the earliest possible time. No driving time is scheduled until the office has a copy of your permit information. Contact the office as soon as you have gotten your permit. Waiting months after you have received a permit reduces the probability of getting your license on time. No learner's permit or delaying driving by a student constitutes a waiver of the time requirement set by the MVA. We reserve the right to rearrange schedules to accommodate for errors. Summer sessions and those following are extremely busy. Allow enough time to complete driver's education before your eligibility date-suggested 4-5 months. We recommend new drivers have 10-15 hours logged in the Rookie Driver Logbook. Typically, a student will have 3 two-hour sessions. Students outside of Talbot county must meet at the classroom for driving times.


Driving Appointments & Cancellations

1. You must have your Learner's Permit with you for all driving appointments. No Show Fee ($75) applies to not having your permit with you.

2. Only a portion of the required six (6) hours of driving will be scheduled until all fees are paid.

3. Each student holding a Permit will receive a driving schedule by class end or within three (3) weeks of notifying the office with permit number, issue date, and any changes to the questionnaire.

4. Students unable to keep driving appointments must cancel 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Failure to cancel or not being available when the instructor arrives will result in a $75 NO SHOW fee; which must be paid prior to any further driving appointments.


When Drivers Ed Has Been Completed

Upon successful completion of Driver's Education class with a minimum score of 80% in the classroom and behind-the-wheel (we strive for 85-90%) we will electronically transmit the information to the MVA. You MUST allow three (3) business days from the date of completion prior to testing for your Provisional License. You will also receive paperwork from our office regarding completion of the program and the next steps needed to schedule your test with the MVA.


Bayside Driving School's classroom and behind the wheel training will provide the student with quality education meeting all requirements as stated in the MVA curriculum. There is no guarantee that, upon completion, the student will be a good driver. PRODUCING A SAFE, CAPABLE DRIVER IS A RESULT OF A JOINT EFFORT MADE BY THE STUDENT, PARENTS/MENTORS, AND THE SCHOOL. The MVA curriculum is designed to teach the basics to the new driver. It requires 60 hours (14 hours if over 25-years-old) of additional practice to be completed with any responsible adult 21 years or older, that has been licensed for at least three (3) years.


If there are any medical, physical, or other conditions that would affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely you MUST submit written explanation to the school with this form. Please contact our office with any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your cooperation.



Each student will receive a copy on the first day of class.  8-24-23